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Want to speed up your program but do not know where to start? Let Delicious Timer show you what your code does. This is a simple, fast, general-purpose profiler oriented towards execution speed.

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Capture up to millions of time lapses per second.

Easy navigation.

Explore your program visually. Fluid, snappy UI even with tens of millions of time lapses.

Instant statistics.

Combine threads. Get local statistics. Sort and search results.

Up and running within minutes.

Simple, straightforward, flexible API. Disable it at any time with one line of code.

Ethical licensing.

Buy it once, get updates for free. DRM-free.

What Delicious Timer captures:

Time lapses Memory allocations Thread synchronisation Context switches


Windows 10, 11 (remains untested on other versions) A modern CPU (only AMD64 (x64) is supported right now, anything from the past 10 years should do) Lots of RAM if you plan to capture tons of time lapses (memory usage is proportional to the number of time lapses captured) For now only Windows is supported, there are plans for a Linux version.

Running into issues, want to request features or get access to a trial version? Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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