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Power Vacuum is a fast-paced strategy game where bots use your own moves against you. Build your empire at the speed of light, extend your influence over your opponents and win!
Choose a strategy. Outgrow your opponents. Steal their colonies. Collect tax. The choice is yours. All strategies have a risk element associated to it, tides can easily turn with a single mistake! This makes for interesting, diverse and challenging gameplay.
Grow colonies. Buy colonies throughout the galaxy and grow them to expand your influence. To grow a colony you must place and connect stations. The more stations you connect, the greater the influence of that colony.
Play against your past self. Bots will use your moves against you. Bots replay colonies you (and your friends!) previously played. They do so more or less quickly depending on the difficulty level you set. You can share colonies you previously played with your friends to get more interesting games.